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Moving Sound

Creative Transformation

1-to-1  Deeper Enquiry

A session in your home, or where you work, can lead to surprising and potent insights

to deepen enrich and nourish your life

Transformation Retreat

Time to step out and step into discovery of how your life is unfolding and your next steps

Journey in Landscape

Enrich your sessions even further and interact with the land, rivers, valleys, moor, parks, city…   

journeys of transformation using sound & movement
to uncover and discover life insights and solutions

I am humbled and inspired by our life journeys

Workshops for Families

creative personal journeys of discovery and inspiration

1-to-1 Deeper Enquiry

playful improvised music and dance, nurturing and nourishing

journeys of creative insight and expression to deepen & enrich

Workshops for Adults

Moving Sound Sessions

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Home and life Journey

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